Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jenny McCarthy: My son is in therapy over my split from Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey has fired back at Jenny McCarthy, who said on "The Howard Stern Show" Monday that her ex-boyfriend basically turned his back on her autistic 10-year-old son Evan after their five-year relationship came to an end in 2010. "I will always do what I believe is in the best interest of Evan's well being," the actor said in a statement. "It's unfortunate that Evan's privacy is not being considered. I love Evan very much and will miss him always."

During her interview with Stern, the "Love in the Wild" host was grilled about her split from Carrey, and was asked whether or not he still spends time with Evan, who the actor credited with teaching him "how to love." McCarthy, 39, revealed that Carrey, 50, chooses to no longer see Evan and it's been very difficult for her son to not have the "Dumb & Dumber" star in his life.

"The kid's in therapy over it," McCarthy — who is now dating Chicago Bears player Brian Urlacher — told Stern. While Evan asks to see Carrey "almost weekly," her movie star ex, has said no to any visits. "I've tried to ask numerous times," McCarthy said, noting that while she hasn't felt comfortable contacting Carrey directly herself, she's gone through various "channels" in an attempt to get him to reach out to her son. "Hopefully they will talk again." Until then, she plays Carrey's movies for Evan and soothes her child by telling him: "Someday you will cross paths."
Both Stern and his sidekick Robin Quivers said they were "sad" to hear McCarthy detail Evan's heartbreak with Quivers saying, "You don't get involved with a child to dump the child."
McCarthy echoed the sentiment, but added that she still had love for Carrey. "I think you can love people from a distance and respect him. But as a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up."
Carrey, Evan, McCarthy and Jane Carrey at the "Horton Hears a Who!" premiere in 2008 (Kevin Winter/Getty Image …
McCarthy and Carrey started dating not long after Evan was diagnosed with autism, a time she described to Stern as being "a really dark period of my life." Carrey was a fixture by her side as she became an advocate for autism research, supporting events she held for her charity, Generation Rescue, and even marching in Washington with her, Evan, and Carrey's daughter Jane. During their relationship, Carrey became very close to Evan. "He taught me how to love," Carrey said in 2008. "And without Evan I might never have seen the greatness of Jenny's spirit."
When the couple appeared on "Good Morning America" in 2008, McCarthy said that she dubbed her then-boyfriend "the autism whisperer" because of his unique ability to connect with Evan. "When I first introduced Evan to Jim, you know … you never quite know what to expect," she said at the time. " A lot of people don't understand, when they meet a child with autism. You have to be very animated to get that child's attention, and I think I can tell you that I have the most animated boyfriend in the world. But he really had a way of understanding Evan's thinking. And I watched it and went, 'Oh my gosh, he's got it.'" For his part Carrey, said it "took a lot of patience and a lot of love" to bond with the boy and that they had " a lot of fun" together.

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