Wednesday, 13 June 2012

David Stern calls NBA conspiracies “cheap thrills” on Jim Rome show

NBA Commissioner David Stern and radio host Jim Rome traded shots on Rome’s show Thursday, with Rome asking Stern if this years NBA Draft lottery was fixed and Stern responding by asking Rome, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”
Stern said to Rome, “shame on you for asking” but Rome said that asking the question is fair because it’s on everyone’s minds. If the No. 1 pick went to Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Bobcats, Stern said people would’ve been asking whether the commissioner is looking out for Jordan, who Stern calls a “good friend.”
The two sides continued to argue, and Rome said he took offense to Stern calling these questions “cheap thrills.”
In the interview, which can be heard in its entirety on, Rome also addressed comments made by Charles Barkley, who recently said “the worst thing that happened to the world, the entire world, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, is AAU basketball.” Barkley said he never played against Michael Jordan until he arrived to the NBA, but players of more recent generations play against each other as early as 16-years-old or younger.
Stern said that although Barkley needs to be “more nuanced,” the commissioner admitted that he’s right and went so far as to say “there needs to be a reformulation of whats going on” and that as commissioner, people should hold him responsible for bringing change to competition at the high school level.

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