Thursday, 7 June 2012

How to get free domain + hosting for a year

Here's another free domain guide, an old friend taught me, [anonymous].

Register an e-mail at gmail, or use one that you already have.
Go to and signup for a VCC. Follow through the process of registering, verify your account. After you type in your password and paste your verification code from the e-mail they have you select which options to deposit money into your account, choose deposit money by bank.

Select Afghanistan as your country, than type in random shit for the Banks Name. ie: skdjgskdksdjg or ksjdgksdjgklsdj either one works, heh.

As soon as you do that, the next page will show you a picture of a VCC with its generated info on it. Copy the info and paste to notepad.

Head over to:
But remember to change the last two letters, MN to your state that matches the VCC. This is important!

Once use the same e-mail you registered at entropay and the same information as well.
Once you login to intuits website, a popup will happen talking about some bs package for $5. X it out.

Now click on register domain, select a domain, follow through. Don't check for privacy registration as it charges you $2 that you don't have on your vcc = rejection.

Once you accept their terms a popup will occur and you must enter your VCC / details that you used when you signed up at entropay.

Wait less than 24 hours and they will e-mail you saying your domain has successfully been registered.

*You can do this multiple times
*You can use your real info once a day.
*You can use info from if you don't want your real info to show up in a whois lookup.
*I recommend using incognito mode (chrome) or private browsing (firefox)

I recommend you transfer your domain after 60 days of registrations to to continue having ownership and paying the cheapest for these domains.

*UPDATE How to make a VCC For free*

Head over to

Click signup.

Register an account with either your real info or info from depending on your use for this VCC

Verify your account registration.

When they ask you what option to deposit your money into your account, choose deposit by bank.

Select Afghanistan as your country.

Type in random characters for banks name. ie sdkgjskd or sdkgskjg

Bingo, free VCC. Enjoy!

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