Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bollywood’s ultimate style icons

For the sake of it, it would be safe to say that Bollywood is India’s fashion, music, movie industry all rolled into one. Every hit song in this country is from a movie, every fashion trend which is adopted by the masses is set by a super star or a sexy actress and the biggest source of entertainment in this country continues to be movies.Therefore, it would only be correct that some of India’s most fashionable belong to the business that is Bollywood. Be it actresses’ of yester years or the divas reigning Bollywood currently, Bollywood has been and is brimming with fashion and style statements. Here we catalogue for you the best dressed and most fashionable people that Bollywood has known.

Rekha We possibly could not start our list with anyone else but Rekha. She is a diva, a style icon and an ageless beauty. She has captivated our imagination through the years; starting with her ada in Umrao Jaan, followed by her fierce avatar in Khoon Bhari Maang and then by her fiery tigress impersonations in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi. Rekha oozes understated oomph and sexiness. The years have gone by, but they have not corroded her style or the ... celebs
Rahul Khanna
He is not seen in many movies, but this man personifies fashion and style. No matter his age, girls cannot get enough of him and men are always looking for ways to emulate his style. He is one of the few men in Bollywood who can truly carry off a suit and look downright suave and dashing. A thorough gentlemen, a true person of fashion without pretence – this is Rahul Khanna for you.celebs
She is Bollywood’s first and by far sexiest ‘item’ girl. No one can carry skimpy clothes and heavy makeup like Helen can. Add to that those heart breaking dance moves and we have on our hands the most fashionable dancer Bollywood has ever seen. From yeh mera dil to mungda, this blue-eyed beauty has defied conventional Bollywood styles and set her own standards. Today, she still can bowl us away with one look and one thumka. How many women... celebs
Rajesh Khanna
Style is not what you wear, but how you carry yourself. This statement holds one hundred percent true for Rajesh Khanna. He is Bollywood’s first superstar and quite a stylish one at that. Be it his hairstyle or his boot-cut pants, Rajesh Khanna was emulated by the masses in whatever he did. The way he danced, the way he spoke (I hate tears!), the way he flicked his hand: everything is so stylish, so still in trend!celebs
Sonam Kapoor
She has introduced Bollywood to the world of brands and vintage clothes. She is always dressed to perfection and carries herself with the confidence and attitude of a young princess. Most young girls simply cannot have enough of her style and wish to emulate her. Most importantly, every girl would die for a wardrobe like hers! What can be a bigger compliment for a complete fashionista than that?!celebs
Salman Khan
He is the brat of Bollywood. He lives life king size, does what he feels like, ignores people he does not like, and gets away with it all. Salman Khan will walk into a wedding wearing torn jeans and a pink tee-shirt and still manage to look fashionable and downright dashing! He makes aviators looks sexy, baldness worth having and carries a half smile that is downright to die for. Torn jeans, six pack abs, well fitted suits – Salman ... celebs
Twinkle Khanna
She failed to make her mark in Bollywood, but she is absolutely amazing as a fashion designer and personifies the perfect celebrity wife. Twinkle Khanna is always well dressed, looks elegant, carries herself with dignity and has enough attitude and style on the tip of her nose to set her apart from the crowd. Her choice of clothes is flawless, her sense of style is perfect; she is one of the few truly fashionable people in ... celebs

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